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Stop Waiting for Things to Happen

Go Out and Make them Happen

Welcome to Credence Staffing Solutions

Credence Consulting was founded in 2010 with a mission to provide customized, end- to-end hiring solutions to organizations. We also work with job seekers and young professionals in improving their skill base to achieve higher career objectives.

Since its inception, Credence has empowered several clients through employment, and helped them create a niche in volatile markets. Leveraging on our unique strengths of accuracy, expertise and experience, we offer an integrated services portfolio that enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively attain your corporate goals. Our ability to manage multiple projects with a customized-solutions approach has helped us sustain continuity with our valued customers. Our expertise in identifying the right skill sets for your specific requirements reduces the overall operational costs and time, and increases the ROI and time-to-market of your HR functions, thus giving you a competitive edge.

We are with emphasis on best practices and quality services that include Temporary staffing, Permanent hiring, Outsourcing, off campus training, etc. In the past, we have successfully placed our candidates in some of the Corporate Companies in India.


Permanent Recruitment

Permanency and commitment are attributes that not only people, but companies seek too. Providing comprehensive answers and permanent recruitment solutions...


Temporary / Contract Staffing

Changing business dynamics demonstrate that the requirement for people in organizations is often driven by need and is often project-based and temporary...



The key process of Payroll Management often drains out the maximum time and resources for a company. At a time when organizations would rather focus on ...



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